Calloway’s Monthly Tips for June

                           LAWN  &  GARDEN  CHECKLIST

[~]  Watch for scale on Crapemyrtles

[~]  Treat web worms on Trees & Shrubs with:                 

  Summit Caterpillar & Worm Killer

[~]  Apply Fungicide to stop lawn fungus

[~] Treat insect problems on lawns or ornamentals with:

     Bonide Insect & Grub Control

[~]  Control fire ants with:

   Amdro or Orthene Fire Ant Killer

[~]    Watch for June bugs (adult grub worms)


[~]  Apply Calloway;s Organic & Natural Fertilizer, Soil Mender Molasses and Texas   Greensand-   ( first of month if not applied in May )         .

[~]  Apply Corn Meal for fungus problems as needed

[~]  Control Web worms with Summit B.T.Worm Spray or Bonide Captain Jack’s

[~]  Control snails, slugs, and pill bugs with:

        Monterey’s Sluggo Snail and Slug Control

[~]   Deadhead spent blooms



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