Yard of the Month

The GHNA Yard of the Month is selected by a committee made up of fellow GHNA members. Because of the large size of Greenwood Hills, the neighborhood has been divided into six zones for the purposes of judging, thus giving every GHNA member a chance to win this honor twice during the year.  To win this honor, you must be a GHNA member in good standing.:-)

Calloway’s has revamped the YOM program for this year starting in February 2017.  The selected YOM winner for the month will then need to sign up to the Calloway’s Nursery “Blooming Rewards”,(which is FREE) and will be able to use the $25 CREDIT on purchases at a Calloway’s  Nursery of your choice.  They will also give a 30 % discount off of 1 item to each winner in your birthday month, and each dollar that you spend, you will earn points, and for every 300 points, you will get a $5 gift card:-)

All paperwork will be done for you when you are selected for YOM.  All you will need to do is take the “winner’s form” or give the cashier your phone number to Calloway’s, sign up to the Blooming Rewards program and use your $25 credit to spend at the nursery.  EASY!– and you will also receive a 30% discount on 1 item during your Birthday month!  Fabulous!!!!!  THANK YOU CALLOWAY’S  for your generosity!

If you have any questions, please contact me. Thanks.:-)

                                                    JUNE YARD OF THE MONTH

                                                        905  LOGANWOOD DR.


Robert and Jane Wade and their three children moved  from Memphis, TN to their home on Loganwood in 1969.  Both have been involved in the schools, church, sports and neighborhood activities for many years as volunteers.  As you can see, they both love gardening and the beautiful oak trees, crepe myrtle trees, shrubs and lush green lawn is evident.  The little Magnolia tree in the center had a hard time last winter but is coming back now.  They enjoy sitting out on the little front bench beneath the hanging baskets of ferns.

The back patio is filled with flowering baskets and pots of all kinds of flowering plants.  It is a very peaceful and relaxing place to just sit or swing and watch the wildlife & birds, and visit with neighbors and friends.  Jane loves to crochet and both play Bridge and always ready for a game.

The Wades were so surprised & very pleased to receive the YOM because there are so many beautiful yards in our neighborhood. Bob said that he sure could “brag”  now.                        Good Job- well done!

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Thank you to Calloway’s Nursery for sponsoring the GHNA Yard of the Month program!