Yard of the Month


JUNE  YARD OF THE MONTH               


The Doug Moore family moved to Richardson  in 1970 to teach in RISD.  Doug had many positions as a teacher, coach, and  asst. principal  in the junior highs and high schools while his wife taught in the elementary school.  Their three daughters attended schools here and have homes nearby.  When Doug retired from RISD in 1998, he moved to the Glen Rose area and enjoyed working as a guide for bird hunting trips as he was into  training bird dogs.   He also enjoys bass fishing and hunting “big game” on far away trips.

Doug packed up and moved back here in January to be closer to his daughters.  One daughter and her husband had found this house last year and completely redid everything inside and outside so that everything is new– complete with beautiful landscaping in front & back with new sod, trees, shrubs & plants with new sidewalks, driveway, patio and  new stones&bricks  for the exterior . It’s a totally new house!!

He said that now he has to learn about the kind of plants he has and how to care for them. The Abelia bushes and the Hawthorn shrubs have gotten accustom and thriving in their locations with multi-color pansies along the flower beds in front and along the side of the house.  Large Cannas are blooming along the fence in the back yard and two Live Oak trees are growing really good now, but he is worried that the Live Oak in the front yard is not doing as well. There are large Oak trees on each side of the house that provides lots of shade. He’s very proud of his new home!   

He said he joined GHNA right away because he wanted to win Yard of the Month.                           ( I might add that there was lots of competition in Zone 4 this month.)       


Thank you to Calloway’s Nursery for sponsoring the GHNA Yard of the Month program.