Yard of the Month

                                AUGUST YARD OF THE MONTH

                                      1409  N  FLOYD ROAD

The home of Tony Strohmeyer on the corner of Floyd Road & Gaylewood has lots of curb  appeal!  Tony has added many eye-catching details to his house as well as redoing the landscape of the corner lot.  He has replaced hedges with heat tolerant native plants of Scarlett Sage, Bee Balm, Firewheel, Milkweed, all that can withstand the Texas climate.  There is a medium size Crepe Myrtle tree ready to bloom and a small Post Oak tree in front of the home’s entrance.  Every planting has a methodical and environmental purpose – a lot of “science” included in the placement and kind of plants that he selected.  His goal of his yard is to transform it into a native grassland prairie with many different kinds of grasses. This will aid in reducing water use, pesticide us3, control water runoff, support the local bird and insect populations,

Tony’s family not only include his own children but he has many students as he is an AP  Environmental Science teacher at Richardson High School where he has a greenhouse and a rooftop garden.  The Strohmeyers have been GHNA members since they moved to the area several years ago.  Under Tony’s leadership, his students earn donations for their ES Club competitions by delivering neighborhood newsletters and other volunteer opportunities.

Thank you Tony for all your hard work to inspire your neighbors and making your little “corner of the world”  beautiful!    

Thank you to Calloway’s Nursery for sponsoring the GHNA Yard of the Month program.