Yard of the Month


 800 Edgefield Dr.

 2021 “HOLIDAY LIGHTS”  Food Drive Winner

The home of the Mora’s beautiful lighting display was enjoyed by all and collected the most “votes” (614 food items) for the annual food drive this year! Jennifer said she was so excited to participate this year! The family moved here from the state of Washington in 2005, have four children and now have several grandchildren. The Mora’s are very busy people as they are owners of a family cnstruction business and she owns her accounting firm! She also loves to read and garden. She has had much success planting vegetables and plans to “grow more and bigger” this year to share with the critters and birds that are always in her garden space 🙂

Thank you for sharing your beautiful holiday lighting display again this year for the neighborhood’s enjoyment!

Thank you to Calloway’s Nursery for sponsoring the GHNA Yard of the Month program!   

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