Yard of the Month


YES! That is the correct heading !!! July Yards of the Month in the 800 block of Brentwood has the most patriotic displays in the neighborhood and choosing only one was too difficult!!!!

807 Brentwood Lane

The home showing the most patriotism in the 800 block of Brentwood Lane is the home of Stanley Tax. He has purchased 400+ American flags the last few years to decorate the curbs of hi sand neighbors’ homes to show pride in the USA and to share with his neighbors and friends all over the area. This photo does not show the flag pole on the side of the yard nor his truck that has the American flags mounted on the back . He was very appreciative to receive such an award and a little surprised because everything is not as green as it was a month ago, but his yard shows much patriotism and a pair of chairs to relax in while chatting with friends in the cool of the huge oak tree.

Stanley moved to the neighborhood in 1977 after finishing college at UNT in 1970. He had grown up in the suburbs of Chicago and then New Jersey before moving to Denton, TX area. He says he is owned by three quaker parrots (Monk parakeets), which he has had for 21 years! However, he is the owner of a wood flooring installation & refinishing company.

Stan mentioned that perhaps his white truck with two 2 x 5 flags in the bed and 4 window flags has been seen by many during the last few months – of course very easy to spot going down the street ! He said, “Thank You for taking time to read this, May God Bless You and America!”



810 Brentwood Lane

The home of Fred and Billy greets you with vibrant well manicured St. Augustine grass beneath the huge red oak tree which provides a spot for the squirrels to hang out and much needed shade during the summer months. The entry area in-ground bed has purple shamrocks, hydrangeas, caladiums and begonias and small sculptured bushes, while the shady left side garden is a fern and elephant ear oasis. Welcoming guests are comfortable chairs on the front patio for sharing the “cool evenings & early mornings”.

The Lockwood/Ansley family family moved here in 2018. Fred is an educator and Billy is in banking. They knew they had chosen the right place once they started to get settled when numerous neighbors welcomed them during the first couple of weeks. They have grown to love their Brentwood neighbors and the community. With this being their 1st home out of apartment life, it has been a fun learning adventure and brought much joy working in the yard. They also consider their yardwork as a week “distresser”.

They take time away from their beautiful yard to enjoy walks with their one-year old dog, Baxter, and to make culinary delights using their own grown herbs. Fred and Billy take a lot of pride in working in their yard and feel like it’s always an enjoyable “work in progress”.

Thank you to Calloway’s Nursery for sponsoring the GHNA Yard of the Month program! Be sure to check out Calloway’s monthy GardeningTips!