Yard of the Month

1109  Waterview Drive

The Greenwood Hills neighborhood welcomed Becky & Dan Riegle who moved from The Colony two years ago last April bringing with them their first-born baby from the hospital, who couldn’t wait for another month to  be born:-), so they would  be closer to their places of work.   Becky  is the Athletics Director of the Men’s Soccer team at SMU and Dan is the Asst. Athletic Trainer at Richardson High School, so they are very busy in their careers.  They have a very active two year old son that loves the swing hanging on the huge oak tree in their shady front yard.

Since moving here, they have redone the landscape in their front yard.  They removed over-grown boxwood hedges and had to cut down a Live Oak tree due to water lines.  However, the Azaleas plants to the left of the doorway remains in place.  They have planted a  Japanese Red Maple tree,  Woodland Ferns, Kale, Hostas, Coleus, Elephant Ears, Snapdragons, Begonias in various spots and have planters of Caladiums and hanging baskets  by the entrance.  They love the huge Hydrangea bushes along the right side of their house and the old fashion Lilies along the left  side that have been producing beautifully.  They love gardening and have a vegetable garden in the back yard and share their bounty with their neighbors!   They have a plan on planting a Fig tree that has been propagated from cuttings that have been in Becky’s family for 3+ generations!  WOW!!!

They were thrilled and very proud to be awarded for their hard work and said they will continue to try and make the neighborhood proud!                    Good Job and Well Done!

Thank you to Calloway’s Nursery for sponsoring the GHNA Yard of the Month program!     Go to Calloway’s Monthly Gardening Tips for updated information on tips for a wonderful yard and workshops.