Yard of the Month

  823  FONTANA AVE.  “Holiday Lights” Food Drive Winner

The home of Diana & Jack Tabor was chosen by the neighbors who “voted” with canned & boxed food items for the 10th annual neighborhood food drive for the Richardson Network.  They had 412 items in their collection box, which was more than the other 11 “voting” sites 🙂 Thank you both for sharing your beautiful day & night views of your lighting display with us during the holiday season!  Diane admitted that it was Jack who strung all the lights on the roof and trees 🙂   

Both Diane & Jack grew up in Greenwood Hills.  Diane is actually living in her childhood home and after marrying Jack, she had the opportunity to buy the house from her mother.  Jack’s parents live a few blocks away from where he had grown up.  The Tabors have two daughters and 2 dogs.  They have always loved living in their neighborhood.

Their yard is always beautifully manicured with plants and trees well maintained.  The lawn is still pretty green even after the frosty nights!  Diane likes to have annuals in pots and in the flowerbeds and perennials are always a welcome sight in the early spring and summer months.  They both love working in the yard. 

The holiday lighting display is a work of art!   Fantastic!    You can see it a block away!   Thank you Jack & Diane for sharing your holiday spirit with the neighborhood and “Congratulations” for winning!                   

Thank you to Calloway’s Nursery for sponsoring the GHNA Yard of the Month program!     Go to Calloway’s Monthly Gardening Tips for updated information on tips for a wonderful yard and workshops.