Many of you have been following the conversations on Nextdoor about the Race Trac gas company’s plans to build a gas station on the SE corner of West Shore & Arapaho. Here’s some background information you may be interested to know.

The Race Trac location reps contacted the presidents of GHNA, Arapaho NA & the Heights Park NA on July 18 and GHNA board members met with them on July 24.   Then on September 23.  the  Race Trac engineering project manager contacted us and we asked them to have a public meeting for input from the neighborhoods that would be affected.  Their plan will include gas pumps, a convenience retail store and an outdoor seating area, and to be operated 24/7. After their “traffic study” , a public meeting was set up for Wednesday, October 30 at 6:30 p.m. at the Richardson Civic Ctr in the Richardson room.  All residents are invited to hear the Race Trac representatives discuss their plans and answer questions.

I have discussed the Race Trac proposal with several COR authorities and each of them suggested that we should definitely attend the public meeting and to get the word out to the neighbors to voice their opinions (pro/con).

Please share this information with your neighbors as they may not be on GHNA mailing lists.