Volunteer Opportunities

If you are able and have the time to volunteer, please email Joan Neher for the following volunteer opportunities:

The First United Methodist Church of Richardson sponsors two elementary schools in RISD, Greenwood Hills and Mark Twain. Volunteers are needed to help students with reading and other activities on Tuesdays at Greenwood Hills and Thursdays at Mark Twain. You do not need to be a church member to be a volunteer but are asked to volunteer through the church website.

You must undergo an annual background check to work in the schools, and there is a quick method to do that on the church website.


  • Teacher Appreciation – Bake two dozen cookies on the first Tuesday of each month and take them to the school office before school hours.
  • Teacher Support – Help teachers with the time-consuming tasks of cutting, copying, counting, sorting, etc.
  • Reading Buddies – Help students with reading and listening skills (one-on-one activity).
  • Book Fair – Held in February or March each year.
  • Buddy Fun Day – Held in May at Greenwood Hills each year.

Volunteering at a school is an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children in our community. Volunteering will put a smile on your face and love in the hearts of our youth. Please join us soon!